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Stand Alone Equipment
Any of our components can be designed to operate separately.
Single Function Equipment
Add a component to your existing line. We can integrate the addition into your existing system.
Multi-Function Equipment
Add several components to your existing line in one compact package. Again, we can intgrate the new component into the existing system.
Webber Automation
In 1982 the owners of Webber Manufacturing sold their automation business and walked across the parking lot with a select group of engineering talent to Webber’s current location at 8498 Brookville Road in Indianapolis, IN.  With a wealth of automation experience in the corrugated box, metal beverage can, composite can, and general packaging machine industries in hand, it was only a short time before these talents were put to work in new industries. 

Through the years Webber’s Automation Group has been busy solving problems and building new equipment for a wide variety of applications.  We have designed Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS) for the office furniture, automotive, and beverage industries, Automatic Strapping and Stretch Wrapping Systems for auto parts and plastic pail manufacturers.

Eventually, it becomes more profitable to establish an area of specialization.  Webber’s Automation Group has developed a substantial product line for the injection molded, blow molded, and roto-molded parts industries.

Specifically, Webber has provided proprietary automation systems to process injection molded plastic pails, crates, beverage containers, and roll-out trash cans.  We have also developed specialized systems for downstream automation of blow molded containers. 

For the injection molded pail market Webber builds Pail Retrievers, UN Leak Testers, Flame Treaters, Hot Stampers, Stackers, and Palletizers.  Automation for plastic pail covers includes Cover Catcher/Orienters, Gasket Inserters, Gasket Inspectors, Flamers, and Stackers.

Many of our injection molding customers also make blow-molded containers.  Webber’s downstream blow-molding products include Flamers, Leak Testers, and Automatic Scale Systems to verify part weight.

These customers have recommended Webber to their customers.  For “end users” of plastic pails we have designed, manufactured, and installed Automatic Net Weight Filling Systems, Pail Denesters, Lid Placers, Lid Closers, and Palletizers.  If your company makes blow molded containers please take a look at another Webber Company, RASTA.  RASTA builds an in-line refrigeration system that chills your blow air to help shorten cycle times and improve part quality.

Webber’s successes in these “end user” markets have resulted in the award of patents for automatic pail denesting and lid placing. 

Complete Systems
Designing and building all of the components that make up a production line is our forte. Our automation equipment has performed a multitude of functions for many manufacturers for many years. We are often tasked with designing the system that takes an item from the mould, performs several adapataions along the line, and palatizes the finished product - ready for shipping. We have done it before and can do it again for you.

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