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Custom Air Chillers

Cold air right here, right now. These mighty air chillers deliver a controlled blast of cold air on demand. Custom built for each specific application, these units have been used to accelerate the cooling time of product exiting the injection moulding press. This can accelerate production time by minimizing the time spent waiting for the product to cool enough to proceed with the rest of the processs. Call us today for more information - (317) 357-8681


RASTA and the plastic injection moulding process:

Air chillers with integrated refrigeration circuits can alleviate material stress on plastic blow moulded products and decrease production time.

Variances in the inside and outside temperatures of the blow moulded product as it cools in the mould cavity often cause distortion and material stress.  This can lead to poor quality product and failure in drop, load and leak tests. Increasing the wall thickness to combat this problem can lead to longer cycle times.  Cooling the blow moulded product adequately, often involves extending the cooling time which slows production and reduces profits.

By introducing chilled air inside the blow moulded product in the mould cavity, the internal surfaces cool at a rate closer to the outside surfaces.  This reduces the material stress and minimizes the overall cooling time.  Integrated refrigeration air chillers, like RASTA, provide better cooling rates, which create faster production times and therefore higher profit.


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