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Custom Freezers
Webber Manufacturing has earned a reputation for the design and manufacture of Industrial Freezers and Environmental Test Chambers of the highest quality. We have proudly served thousands of satisfied customers across a wide variety of international industries since 1946. We have listed several styles and configurations of freezers as part of Webber’s “Standard Literature.” Please consider these Standards a starting point for creating a freezer that is tailored to your needs. Webber’s business was founded on custom applications. Even today, we enjoy meeting the challenge of our customer’s unique applications.

Since 1946, Webber has designed and built industrial freezers of almost every imaginable configuration and capacity. We have built them for most of the top industrial manufacturers in the world.

Webber describes this particular product line as Industrial Freezers to differentiate our product from other would-be contenders.

Extraordinary Freezers!
Webber builds freezers that survive and even thrive in the cryogenic temperature zones. Webber’s freezers will operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year for decades. Our history and our customers support these claims on a weekly basis.

Webber’s Industrial Freezers are constructed to survive the abuses that are a daily ritual in today’s heavy manufacturing industries. Railroad car axles, baskets of gears, hi-precision aircraft parts; torx, phillips, straight, and socket end, screwdriver shafts and bits; wrenches, drill bits, hammers, parabolic reflectors, camshafts, crankshafts, valves, and pistons; helicopter blades...are all frozen in Webber freezers. That’s just a small part of the list for the manufacturing sector.

Automated Freezers
Webber has additional capabilities that can be used to solve your unique problems.  It is not unusual for Webber’s Automation Group to lend their talents to reduce a customer’s manufacturing costs.  We have built totally automated conveyorized freezers and ovens.

Here are a couple examples:
One of our satisfied customers was filling baskets with small parts (screwdriver bits) from and oil quench tank then manually placing the baskets in a freezer.  After the freeze cycle the baskets were removed from the freezer and placed into a tempering oven.

Webber’s Automation Group built a net weight filling system that filled baskets automatically by weight.  Once filled to the desired weight multiple baskets were conveyed and “batched” for automatic delivery to an in-line freezer.  The freezer had two doors, front and back.  When a new batch was conveyed into the freezer, another conveyor would carry a frozen batch out the back door and into an in-line Webber Tempering Oven.  Similarly, a tempered batch would exit the Webber Tempering Oven as a frozen batch entered.  Parts were untouched by human hands until the fork truck driver carried the processed parts away for cleaning and packaging.

In another application we designed a stainless steel powered roller conveyor system to carry multiple baskets of crankshafts, camshafts, and valves through a 13’ long Webber freezer.  System layouts for each of these completed projects are provided for your review.

These customers have paid for their Webber systems many times over through labor savings alone.

Heat Treat Applications:
The WF and LF Series front opening freezers are available with optional conveyor systems to interface with all major furnace manufacturer’s conveyor systems and charge cars. The conveyor heights are selected before manufacture.

When your freezing application requires, durable, dependable, accurate equipment backed by factory service and parts, let Webber fill your freezing requirements.

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